Jocelyn Tochor


A forever learner, student and passionate writer, I have always loved storytelling, usually sharing stories from travels or crazy life experiences. I also love listening and learning about people and who they are beyond "what do you do?". I value human connection and enjoy experiencing and learning about new cultures; so much so that I completed a Masters of Arts in Intercultural and International Communication with the hopes of learning what makes us who we are. 

I have moved abroad on several occasions over the last 15 years and always embraced the expat life, immersing in local culture and customs as much as possible. I met and married my British born, Sri Lankan rooted husband along the way, while starting out my career in management consulting in London. Following that, I've explored a diverse range of fields including working for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, managing the Gold Medal winning Ski Cross Team, legal assistance to one of the most successful and notorious families in Australia and working with expats, refugees and asylum seekers arriving in Sweden, advising on transition and integration. 

More recently, more rewarding, and definitely the most challenging, I became a mom to two daughters and am learning to juggle all of these international relationships and family members. Even though I have settled back “home”, there are still at least 1,000 kms between my immediate family members in either direction. The need for a book like Faraway Families became apparent when our eldest daughter started to realize that she couldn't see her grandparents as often as she would like, and we had to make video chatting, planning and organizing visits part of the fun of their relationship as well. Being an international family, we never know where life will lead us, but are always up for adventure and opportunity to grow together.