About us

Faraway Families began in 2019 because we are moms, daughters, granddaughters, cousins, sisters, aunties, world travellers and authors who missed our families far away when we had children of our own. 

We have become close like family and co-authored Faraway Families because we don’t have immediate family members who live in the same city as us.

We have struggled with the concepts explored in the book and how to create lasting connections for our children, who don’t have regular access to their extended family members.  We’ve watched them feel confused or shy away with relatives as close as grandparents who don’t have the opportunity to be with them on a regular basis. As parents, it was heart-breaking to see our little ones struggle to understand those family connections and our extended family members want to build new memories with them

Our love of family helped us write Faraway Families for the millions of families in the world that have loved ones living far away. Our vision for Faraway Families is to help families stretch their love across their own cities or around the world through simple, creative and interactive ways.

The world today operates as a global society with families often relocating to another city, province, state, or country for varying reasons. During our own lives, we have had the opportunity to move around and have found other families living similar experiences with their families. We want to share the message that children of any age, gender, race or religion who have family living near or far, are loved, no matter where they are.




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