Giving Back to Community and Corporate Social Responsibility

“It takes a village to raise a child.”

- African proverb 

Since the beginning of Faraway Families, we have been committed to the overall wellbeing of families in our community. As part of our mission to help keep children connected to their loved ones, we have given back to different groups in several ways. Over the last few months, we have donated books to community organizations, performed school readings, provided discounts for community projects and partnered with charities.

Our goal in 2021 is to continue working with the community with new partners that can enjoy our book and products to feel closer to their families, wherever they may be. Our focus is to join hands with organizations who focus on family, multiculturalism, diversity and inclusion.

Corporate Social Responsibility

One of the programmes we provide is to offer books to corporations and businesses at a discounted price so they can give them out as part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. In 2020, Faraway Families partnered with ENMAX to donate more than 600 books to various charitable organizations in Calgary. The company also gifted Faraway Families postcards to its staff in support of families missing each other and staying connected through the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Companies or organizations who hire international staff or regularly send their staff abroad can give back to their employees by offering Faraway Families products.

Deployed Canadians

Faraway Families also supports Canadian military families serving abroad with family members still in Canada. With more than 2,000 Canadian military personnel deployed abroad, those are a lot of families missing one other. In 2019, copies of Faraway Families were gifted as part of a send-off to departing soldiers in a deployment from Canada to Latvia.


As online and home-schooling continues this year, Faraway Families is also offering teachers and educators live book readings. Age-specific curriculum can be created to facilitate conversation and dialogue. Faraway Families is a great teaching resource for educators of multicultural, refugee or non-native English-speaking students.

Aged Community

Seniors care homes can also benefit from a live book read. Amidst COVID isolation restrictions in 2020, Faraway Families worked with seniors’ homes to give books and donate postcards to their residents to encourage them to stay connected to their loved ones.

We will continue to work closely with schools, educators, not-for-profit groups and businesses to continue this work in helping families feel closer to their loved ones far away.

If you would like Faraway Families to offer your organization a donation, corporate discount or live readings, please get in touch with Jena or Jocelyn at info @ to discuss programmes. You can also visit our Community page on our website.