Faraway Families Introduces Holiday Scavenger Hunt

Starting December 8, Faraway Families has introduced a free, family-friendly scavenger hunt in the Bonavista Lake area in Calgary. The activity will run December 8-22, 2020.  

Selected images depicting Faraway Families’ characters will be hidden in plain sight in the Lake Bonavista community to encourage families from the same household to get active outside. Not only is it a great opportunity to enjoy some time away from screens, but it also gives families a chance to talk about how the holidays may look and feel a little different this year with families being socially distanced, or far away. 

“Considering the toll of the pandemic on our familial bonds, it was important for us to give back to the community this season,” says Jena Rydderch. “We felt a scavenger hunt was a fun way to bring families together, away from their screens, and into the fresh air to find Mae, Jae and all the other friendly characters in our book.”

To view and print out the list of 10 characters go to farawayfamilies.ca/community/; participants can also sign up to receive a printable family-friendly map with hints on the location of each character. Families can complete the scavenger hunt at their own pace, either in one outing or over a few days. 


Faraway Families encourages participating families to follow all Calgary’s COVID safety mandates. 

Participating families should be from the same household and wear face masks whenever possible. The characters’ images will be located outside in the Lake Bonavista area, hidden in plain sight. Signs should not be touched and participants should use their own maps and images as a printout or on their mobile devices. 

The scavenger hunt is available throughout the day and each location has ample space to keep 2-metres apart in the unlikely event more than one family arrives at the same location, at the same time. 


While on the scavenger hunt, families are encouraged to share photos on Facebook and Instagram and tag @farawayfamilies or use #farawayfamilies – without revealing the location of the characters, of course! 

Even if you choose to not participate, we’d love for you to spread the word and support your neighbours in our community! 

The event is open to everyone but if you would like to organize a Faraway Families scavenger hunt in your own neighbourhood, please contact Jena or Jocelyn at info@farawayfamilies.ca. 

Happy holidays from our families to yours,

Jena and Jocelyn

Faraway Families Co-Authors